Coercion and Constructors

date_xx() make_date_xx() is_date_xx()

A Superclass For All dint Objects

date_y() is_date_y() as_date_y()

A Simple S3-Class for Years

date_ym() is_date_ym() as_date_ym()

A Simple S3-Class for Year-Month Dates

date_yq() is_date_yq() as_date_yq()

A Simple S3-Class for Year-Quarter Dates

date_yw() is_date_yw() as_date_yw()

A Simple S3-Class for Year-Isoweek Dates

as.POSIXlt(<date_xx>) as.POSIXct(<date_xx>) Sys.date_yq() Sys.date_ym() Sys.date_yw() as.Date(<date_y>) as.Date(<date_ym>) as.Date(<date_yq>) as.Date(<date_yw>)

Coerce dint Objects to Base R Date Types

first_of_isoweek() last_of_isoweek() first_of_yw() last_of_yw()

Get First / Last Day of an Isoweek

first_of_isoyear() last_of_isoyear()

Get First / Last Day of the First and Last Isoweek of a Year

first_of_month() last_of_month() first_of_ym() last_of_ym()

Get First / Last Day of a Month

first_of_quarter() last_of_quarter()

Get First / Last Day of a Quarter

first_of_year() last_of_year()

Get First / Last Day of a Year

first_of_yq() last_of_yq()

Get First or Last Day of Quarter From Year and Quarter

get_year() get_quarter() get_month() get_isoweek() get_isoyear()

Get Year, Quarter, Month or Isoweek

year.date_xx() month.date_xx() isoweek.date_xx()

Get Year, Quarter or Month (lubridate Compatibility)

as_yearqtr() as_yearmon() as_yearweek()

Coerce to zoo yearqtr objects

Formatting & Scales

format(<date_y>) format(<date_yq>) format(<date_ym>) format(<date_yw>) format_yq_iso() format_yq_short() format_yq_shorter() format_ym_iso() format_ym_short() format_ym_shorter() format_yw_iso() format_yw_short() format_yw_shorter()

Format a date_xx


Coerce and Format to Year-Month Strings


Coerce and Format to Year-Quarter Strings


Coerce and Format to Year-Isoweek Strings

scale_x_date_yq() scale_y_date_yq() scale_x_date_ym() scale_y_date_ym() scale_x_date_yw() scale_y_date_yw()

ggplot2 Scales For date_xx Objects

date_yq_breaks() date_ym_breaks() date_yw_breaks()

Pretty Breaks For date_xx Vectors

Arithmethics and Sequences

`+`(<date_xx>) `-`(<date_xx>)

date_xx Arithmetic Operations

seq(<date_yw>) seq(<date_yq>) seq(<date_ym>)

date_xx Sequence Generation

round(<date_yq>) round(<date_ym>) round(<date_yw>) ceiling(<date_xx>) floor(<date_xx>)

Rounding of date_xx

`%y+%` `%y-%`

Add/Subtract Year

Methods for Base R Generics


Comparison Operators for date_xx


Maxima and Minima for date_xx

`[`(<date_xx>) `[<-`(<date_yq>) `[<-`(<date_ym>) `[<-`(<date_yw>) `[[`(<date_xx>) `[[<-`(<date_yq>) `[[<-`(<date_ym>) `[[<-`(<date_yw>)

Extract or Replace Elements of a date_xx


Concatenate date_xx Objects


Print a date_xx Object


Replicate Elements of date_xx Vectors


is_quarter_bounds() is_first_of_quarter() is_last_of_quarter() is_year_bounds() is_first_of_year() is_last_of_year() is_Date() is_POSIXlt()

Useful Predicates for Dates

`*`(<date_xx>) `/`(<date_xx>) `^`(<date_xx>) `%%`(<date_xx>) `%/%`(<date_xx>) `%%`(<date_y>) `%/%`(<date_y>)

Arithmetic Operations Disabled for date_xx

yq() qy() ym() my()

Parse Dates With Year and Quarter Components