dint 2.1.3 2020-02-06

dint 2.1.2 2020-01-07

  • Updated all scale_date_*() functions for compatibility with ggplot2 >= 3.2.2

dint 2.1.1 2019-12-02

dint 2.1.0 2019-01-03

  • added ggplot2 scales for dint data types
  • added predicates to check whether dates correspond to the boundaries of years or quarters (is_quarter_bounds(), is_year_bounds(), is_first_of_quarter(), etc…)
  • export methods for unique and summary that were introduced in the last version but mistakenly not exported
  • One can now subtract two date_xx of the same subclass from each other (the result is an integer)
  • added as_yearmon() and as_yearqtr() for converting to zoo S3 classes
  • Removed functions that were deprecated with dint 2.0.0
  • added Sys.date_yq(), Sys.date_ym() and Sys.date_yw() to get the current quarter, month or isoweek.
  • lots of small fixes

dint 2.0.0 2018-09-29

  • breaking: formatting date_xx objects now uses placeholders similar to base::strptime() (e.g %Y, %m, %q, etc…) instead of presets. The new implementation is also noticeably faster than the old.
  • breaking: all first_day_of_*() and format_date_y*() functions now have shorter names: first_of_*() and format_y*(). The original names will still work until the next release but give a deprecation warning.
  • Added support for c(), min(), max(), range()
  • You can now directly supply a numeric year to first_of_year() and last_of_year() (e.g. first_of_year(2018))
  • added date_yw for storing isoweeks and modified existing functions to accommodate for them.
  • added [ method for date_xx objects that preserves class attribute when subsetting
  • %y+% / %y-% can add/subtract years from date_xx objects
  • added the predicates, is_first_of_quarter(), is_last_of_quarter(), and is_quarter_bounds().
  • seq() methods now support a by argument

dint 1.0.0 2018-08-13

  • First stable version