An Appender that outputs to the R console. If you have the package crayon installed log levels will be coloured by default (but you can modify this behaviour by passing a custom Layout).

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Super classes

lgr::Filterable -> lgr::Appender -> AppenderConsole


Public methods

Inherited methods

Method new()


  threshold = NA_integer_,
  layout = LayoutFormat$new(fmt = "%L [%t] %m %f", timestamp_fmt = "%H:%M:%OS3",
    colors = getOption("lgr.colors", list())),
  filters = NULL

Method append()




# create a new logger with propagate = FALSE to prevent routing to the root # logger. Please look at the section "Logger Hirarchies" in the package # vignette for more info. lg <- get_logger("test")$set_propagate(FALSE) lg$add_appender(AppenderConsole$new()) lg$add_appender(AppenderConsole$new( layout = LayoutFormat$new("[%t] %c(): [%n] %m", colors = getOption("lgr.colors")))) # Will output the message twice because we attached two console appenders lg$warn("A test message")
#> WARN [08:07:51.090] A test message #> [2021-09-16 08:07:51.090] eval(): [300] A test message
lg$config(NULL) # reset config
#> <Logger> [info] test #> #> inherited appenders: #> console: <AppenderConsole> [all] -> console