lgr 0.4.3 Unreleased

  • logger_index() returns a data.frame with metadata on all registered loggers (#47) (thanks @Fuco1)

  • export new string_repr() generic that is used to layout R objects for formatted log message output (#48, thanks @mmuurr)

  • The $log() method of Logger and LoggerGlue now unpacks conditions (except if they are supplied as a named argument) (#45, thanks @mmuurr)

  • Fix some timezone related tests for CRAN

lgr 0.4.2 2021-01-10

  • Deprecated the create_file argument of AppenderFileRotating*. This is now hardcoded to TRUE (because FALSE doesn’t really make sense here).

  • default_exception_handler() now throws more informative warnings if an error is encountered during logging.

  • drop tests for deprecated future plans to ensure compatibility with upcoming versions of future (#43)

lgr 0.4.1 2020-10-20

  • Moved more complex Appenders to package lgrExtra. This includes database Appenders, email and push notifications and AppenderDt (in-memory data.tables).

  • AppenderFile$show() can now filter log files formatted by LayoutFormat by log level. Be aware that this just greps through the file and therefore will return false positives on lines where the log message contains strings that can be interpreted as log levels.

  • AppenderFile$show() and AppenderFile$data now dispatches to Layout$read() and Layout$parse(). This makes it possible to tie reading/parsing of log files to Layouts.

  • Loggers gain a list_log() method. See https://github.com/s-fleck/joblog for an R package that leverages this feature to create custom log event types for tracking the status of cron jobs.

  • Export more utility functions that are useful for creating custom Appenders; such as standardize_threshold() and event_list().

  • AppenderBuffer now defaults to flush_threshold = NULL (never flush because of the log level of an event)

  • basic_config() now works as documented for .jsonl files

  • AppenderMemory gains a $clear() method that clears the buffer without sending the events to it’s attached appenders

  • LayoutJson gains a timestamp_fmt field that can be used for custom timestamp formats (#34)

  • added toString.LogEvent() for compact representations of LogEvents

  • lgr is now automatically tested for all major R version >= 3.2.0

  • AppenderMemory/AppenderBuffer: flush_threshold is now independent of should_flush function. default_should_flush() is no longer necessary and has been removed.

  • Updated AppenderFileRotating and co for compatibility with rotor 0.3.0

  • Most errors now have appropriate subclasses

  • Logger$log() dispatches to all appenders - even if some throw an error - instead of aborting after the first Appender that throws an error

  • complete rewrite of the documentation to use the new roxygen2 features for R6 classes.

lgr 0.3.4 2020-03-20

  • Hotfix for compatibility with R < 3.6.0 (#32)

lgr 0.3.3 2019-09-27

  • Fixed a performance regression when looking up the parent of a Logger. This notably affected the performance of “do-nothing” logging (e.g. when a log message is discarded because it is below a loggers’ threshold)

lgr 0.3.2 2019-08-20

  • Added AppenderSyslog for logging to syslog via rsyslog (thanks to atheriel)

lgr 0.3.1 2019-06-13

  • Added logger_tree() which provides an overview of all registered loggers

  • Added print() and format() methods for Appenders

  • AppenderMemory: added data and dt active fields (which return the log as a data.frame or data.table)

  • Removed deprecated functions FATAL(), ERROR(). Use lgr$fatal(), lgr$error(), … instead.

  • AppenderMemory: $buffer_dt() and $show() now handle custom fields containing atomic vectors correctly

lgr 0.3.0 2019-05-30

  • Added support for rotating log files via AppenderFileRotating, AppenderFileRotatingDate and AppenderFileRotatingTime. Requires the package rotor.

  • functions like show_log(), show_data(),… now accept logger names as well as Logger or Appender objects as target.

  • AppenderFile$new() now creates an empty file, or fails if it can’t

  • Improved support for RMariaDB and dropped support for RMySQL

  • Improved support for RPostgres and dropped support for RPostgreSQL

  • added reset argument to get_logger(). This completely resets the configuration of the logger and also replaces special loggers (such as LoggerGlue) with vanilla ones.

lgr 0.2.2 Unreleased

  • The root logger can now be configured via options() and/or environment variables (see ?lgr)

  • basic_config() now accepts thresholds (“info”, “fatal”) as arguments to console and memory.

  • The default config of the root logger has changed. It now only has a console appender and a default threshold of "info". To get back the old behaviour run basic_config(threshold = "all", console = "info", memory = "all").

  • $config(NULL) now resets a Logger to its default/unconfigured state

  • $config() now accepts YAML as well as JSON files (or YAML/JSON as a character string)

  • with_log_level() and with_log_value() now accept logger names as well as Logger objects as the logger argument

  • get_logger_glue() now works as intended

  • Deprecated FATAL(), ERROR(). Use lgr$fatal(), lgr$error(), … instead.

lgr 0.2.1 2019-03-25

  • Emergency fix that ensures test suite cleans up temporary files

  • Removed .rd file for the unexported LoggerRoot class

lgr 0.2.0 2019-03-22

  • get_loggers() registers new loggers in the lgr::loggers namespace, this is a more global and decoupled approach similar to how python logging handles loggers.

  • removed full_name active binding for loggers. Loggers now only have qualified names and name is now identical to what full_name was before. For consistency the format method of ancestry has also been revised.

  • Logger inheritance is now derived from the qualified name of a logger. Consequently lg$parent is now derived from lg$name, lg$set_parent() is no longer possible.

  • If no threshold is set for a new Logger, it now inherits the threshold of its parent

  • Depend on R6 >= 2.4.0 which includes relevant fixes to finalizers. finalize methods are now private.

  • Logger now have a config method that allows configuring Loggers with config objects and YAML files (experimental)

  • added with_logging(), the opposite of without_logging(). This can be handy for automated tests where you might want so switch logging off/on only for specific unit tests.

lgr 0.1.1 2019-02-22

  • Added show_data() and show_dt() for quick access to the root loggers in memory log as data.frame or data.table respectively

  • numerous small fixes

  • removed non-breaking-spaces from .RD files. This caused unforeseen problems with the compiling the .pdf manual during the CRAN submission process.