For details please refer to vignette("lgr", package = "lgr").


You can also set these options in your .Rprofile to make them permanent. Some options can also be set via environment variables (The environment variables are only used if the option is not set manually from R).


a list of functions used for coloring the log levels in console output. Usually these will be functions from the package crayon


A named integer vector of log levels that are known to lgr for labeling, setting thresholds, etc... . Instead of modifying this option manually use add_log_levels() and remove_log_levels()


character or integer scalar. The minimum log level that should be processed by the root logger. Defaults to 400 ("info"), or to the value of the environment variable LGR_DEFAULT_THRESHOLD if it is set. This option overrides the threshold specified in lgr.default_config if both are set.


Default configuration for the root logger. Can either be a special list object, a path to a YAML file, or a character scalar containing YAML code. See logger_config for details. Defaults to the value of the environment variable LGR_DEFAULT_CONFIG if it is set.


TRUE or FALSE. Suspend all logging for all loggers. Defaults to the TRUE if the environment variable LGR_SUSPEND_LOGGING is set to "TRUE". Instead of modifying this option manually use suspend_logging() and unsuspend_logging()


a character scalar. The default username for lgr::get_user().


Maintainer: Stefan Fleck (ORCID)