RStudio addins for several common testing-related tasks during package development, such as switching between a source file and an associated test file, or running unit tests in a single test file (hotkeyable in RStudio!). testthis also provides utility function to manage tests in subdirectories of the test/testthis directory.


For details please refer to the README

Setting the project path

Testthis uses usethis::proj_get() to detect project root of the current working directory. You can override the project root with usethis::proj_set().

Package options

Package options can be set with options(). You can add options() to your .Rprofile to make them permanent across sessions.


Default separator to use when creating test files with test_skeleton(). Defaults to _, must be either _ or -; i.e whether you want your files to be named test_foofunction.R or test-foofunction.R

testthis.integration_tests_path, testthis.acceptance_tests_path, testthis.manual_tests_path

Default paths used by the functions testthis::use_integration_tests(), testthis::test_integration(), etc...

Testthis Tags

test_this tags are special comments that modify the behaviour of the functions supplied by this package. They are of the form #* @tag <value>. Please not that only some test_this tags really require a <value>.

Valid tags for script files in the /R/ dir (pkg/R/*.R)

  • @testfile <filename>: manually specify associated test file. Should usually start with test_. This is used by test_this(), lest_this() and open_testfile().

Valid tags or test files (pkg/tests/testthat/test_*.R)

  • @testing <functionname>: mark functionname as tested. Should usually go next the associated test_that() call. This is used by test_coverage().

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