This determines the test coverage of the target package based on the desc argument of test_that() calls. If you require a more comprehensive analysis of test coverage, try the package covr instead.

test_coverage(from_tags = TRUE, from_desc = TRUE)



logical scalar. Checks the files if your test directory for testthis tags. Specifically, if you have the comment #* @testing myfunction in any of your test files, myfunction will be marked as tested.


logical scalar. Checks the desc argument test_that(...) of the tests in your test directory for functions names. E.g. if you have a test file that contains test_that("myfunction works", {...}), myfunction will be marked as tested.


A Test_coverage object. This is a data.frame containing the following columns:

  • fun: Name of the function

  • exp: Is function is exported?

  • s3: Is function an S3 method?

  • tested: Do unit tests exist for function?

  • ignore: Is function listed in tests/testthat/_testignore?


test_coverage looks in .covrignore for functions that should be ignored for coverage analysis (see usethis::use_covr_ignore())


if (FALSE) { x <- test_coverage() }